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Talking Points: Three Cheers for White Men

January 18, 2016: So, I understand that this post is now getting some attention on Twitter. Welcome to all my new readers! I hope you take the time to look around a little further than some of my colleagues have seemed willing to do. You might start with Bear's Best Blog Posts down at the bottom. For those of you interested in problems with writing, particularly getting over writers' block--definitely a problem in academia, particularly when the fur starts flying and you get scared to say anything out loud--Robert Boice's How Writers Journey to Comfort and Fluency: A Psychological Adventure(Westport, CT: Prager, 1994) has been a godsend, likewise his Advice to New Faculty Members: Nihil Nimis (Needham Heights: Pearson, 2000). For those of you interested in fencing, I wrote more about that at the beginning of my journey, which quickly became a rather Augustinian exercise in confession. The posts about the Seven Deadly Sins, particularly Envy and Pride, are recommended for t…